Power Encounters Across the Canaries

This is a set of Simple Stories of what Jesus has done so far this week in Gran Canaria! We have seen healings, miracles and whole households inviting us in to share the gospel with them like in the New Testament! This is my second trip to the Canaries, you may remember I posted what God did through our last trip around 15 months ago

The work is continuing to gather momentum here from small beginnings!



The First Family- A House of Peace?

We prayed and asked God where he was sending us to go in this large ‘inner-city type’ urban estate in the North East of the island. It’s classed as the poorest place on the island, and also the most crime-riddled. We were led to a particular corner of the area and a set of tower blocks through ‘drive-by prayer’ and prayer walking.

When we arrived, we saw a public square in the centre of the tower blocks and a girl was sitting on her own. Paula spoke to her and she was open to Jesus and being baptised (she was 13), we asked to meet her family. The next day we arrived, phoned the girl who came out to meet us. We walked with her towards the public square and a boy who was 10 years old ran towards us, he was the brother. We took them to meet the rest of the team who were ‘worshipping’ with a guitar openly and loudly in the square (Presence Evangelism).

The two kids then spent the rest of day hanging out with the team.

Meanwhile a Pioneer Team of 4 went knocking on doors of the high-rise flats (‘mission-in-a-block’ style) splitting into two teams of two people. One team attacked one block and the other team attacked a second block starting at the top and working their way down- knocking on doors and asking people if they needed prayer or were in pain and needed healing.

One team had no-one say they wanted us to come back to their apartment. But the other team had one house that said- come back later at 5pm, it was the house of a grandma called Welcome, and there were others in the house too. When another team subsequently went to the house, it turned out to be the same family as the girl and boy we had met!!! This time we met the father, the grandma and a niece called Liberty, we spoke to them for a short while and they said to come back again at another time as they were cooking dinner

However, the team on the street saw the mother of the household separately, and she seemed very closed and even hostile towards the team and what we were doing. So the whole team began praying and fasting earnestly for this whole family.

When we went back the next day, the mum answered the door this time, and she didn’t seem very open. But Paula noticed that she had something wrong with her hand when she went to close the door on her and so Paula asked her ‘are you in pain?’

The mum said ‘yes’ she was, and so Paula laid hands on her and prayed for her hand. The lady was very shocked- she exclaimed ‘the pain has gone down’ so Paula prayed for her again and she exclaimed again, ‘the pain has gone down more’ and then Paula prayed again, and then the pain went completely! She opened the door slightly more and started to share that she has 4 children and a bit more about her family. The team then met one of her older daughters who was 16

This is an example of how the Holy Spirit can lead Pioneers directly to a house of peace (this time through meeting different members of the family at different times all guided through prayer and being led by the Spirit)


A Group of Women in The Public Square

We then met a group of 5 women sitting in the public square, two of us went over to start a spiritual conversation with them. We ended up sitting with them for approx 2 hours. We asked if anyone needed healing. The first lady to respond, Margherita, said yes her back was in pain. So Paula laid hands on her to heal her. As she was doing that I began to get ‘words of knowledge’ – I told her that she has had a lot of pain in her life, she’s suffered abuse and as a result struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. She said, ‘that is true’. I then started to get words of knowledge for all of the other women that Paula translated into Spanish. They were all surprised at the accuracy of the words, and we were then able to share Jesus with them. All of the women were open, and 2 in particular were ready to be baptised there and then (We could see the sea from where we were sitting).

However, there was a gatekeeper (potentially a Person of Peace if the Lord opens her heart) called Lydia. She was bringing up ideas and arguments that opposed some of what we said. I gave her a word of knowledge that was accurate several times which softened her heart a little- but the other women, including those who wanted to be baptised looked to her for validation. So like the mother in the last story, we now need to pray and fast for Lydia to respond to Christ or be removed from the situation as a barrier. They invited the team to go back to visit them next week


Persecution Proofing and the Levels of Persecution

After these situations we began to train on being Persecution Proof and not to be unaware of the enemies schemes (satan)! We knew he would not be happy with our Pioneering efforts for God’s Kingdom in these places. We shared on ‘Levels of Persecution’ (SEE HERE) and within 24 hours at the mission base,  the fridge broke down, the car we were transporting one of the teams in broke down, water was coming through the ceiling of the mission base where we were staying and training, I had a sleepless night, up and ill, the pump for the hot water broke and then all the water in the house was cut off, some confusion and distractions broke out in the house, and much of the team were scattered through all these different circumstances for most of the rest of the day (this usually happens preceding a breakthrough! Particularly if you pray, praise and continue to be focused and obey Jesus during these hardships!)


SAN BARTOLOME Region (in the Mountain villages)
In the morning before heading out in two teams, we read most of the Person (household) of Peace stories from the New Testament asking these questions as we read each story;

Who was the Person of Peace?
What did they do in the story?
What did the Pioneers (outside travelling workers) do in the story?
And what was the result?

[to find out more about these Pioneer Mission principles READ THIS]

In ALL of our Trainings, our habit is to practice TRUTH (what is Jesus saying to us) and DARE (what are we going to do about it)

So when we read repeatedly that the Pioneers healed the sick in the household (Luke 10:1-12)

Were welcomed in and offered food (for example Mark 1:29-34)

And that travelling workers were even invited to stay overnight in the House of Peace (see Acts 16:13-15)

We fully expected to see those things happen as we set out to DARE to do the TRUTH that had been revealed to us by word of God and Spirit

Four of us set off from the MissionBase in a van at 4pm and arrived in the first mountain village at 5pm. We went straight to the public place (a bar) that God had showed us to start the work in last time

We walked into the bar and were immediately welcomed. We had an African drum and the local men took the drum off us and started to joyfully bang the drum and sing because we had arrived. The bar lady embraced us that we met last time. We called Angel down who lived above the bar and whom we  gave a bible to last time and confronted some demons in and we began to gather some of the men in the bar (some who were very drunk) together to read the bible.

There were 2 men the team hadn’t met before sitting on bar stools. We noticed that one of them was lifting his shirt to show his friend a large bloody cut on his back. So Paula went over to offer prayer. Apparently, he already had a bad back, but he had also fallen down the stairs that same day! As she prayed for him in Spanish – I saw tears rolling down his face, he actually went outside and cried and then came back in saying God had healed him!

As a result, he (his name is Victor) invited us to his apartment where he lived a few doors down. So we went, took Angel with us, and sat in his appartment and read Acts 2:36-41 where it commands us to respond to Jesus in these 5 Ways:


Be Baptised in Water

Receive the Holy Spirit

This is for your whole household

And gather as church (the new extended household that has come to Jesus)

As we started to discuss being baptised all hell literally broke loose (as it usually does around this spiritual matter!). Angel started to oppose everything we said. There were raised voices and confusion was trying to get in to prevent us being able to even discuss and clearly set out the Commands of Christ regarding baptism and so on


Ventura’s Farm

So we left that place and took Victor with us, leaving Angel, who was opposing and debating and obstructing, behind, and drove to a nearby farm where the team have been gathering a group of alcoholics to read the Bible (with sometimes quite volatile demonic reactions). When we arrived at the farm in the mountains, there was a fence made of wire mesh and behind the fence were 9 dogs…one of which was clearly full of demons.

We spent around 5 minutes speaking directly to the demons in the dog commanding them to come out or be still as the dog was glaring at us and snarling and we couldn’t enter. The dog would go, and then come back each time we prayed. Then we gave an authoritative shout and it ran into the farmhouse so we were able to walk right in through the gate and past all the other barking dogs and sat down at a table under a canopy overlooking the valley.

Ventura and Pepe live at this farm. They are both heavy drinkers and can often be quite volatile. Pepe fetched his Spanish bible the team had left with him in the past, and kept motioning to us to read a story from it together.

Meanwhile, Ventura went to the kitchen to offer us tea and coffee. But every time we started reading the Bible he would come back to where we were sitting and start shouting angrily, and mocking saying things like;

‘Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and was a hippy’

And then blaspheming God in different ways, shouting, mocking, saying sexual things to the two women on the team and so on

I said ‘be silent, you will not mock God. One day we will all face the judgment seat of Christ, and stand before God who is a blazing fire’

The dogs then start barking and the dog with the demon came back out of the doorway and began staring, snarling and barking like he was ready to attack

We would then start commanding the dogs to be silent, the demonic dog to get back in the house, and start commanding the demons in the man to be silent or come out of him (binding them)

As I looked around there was a gun on one of the cupboards, and when we arrived Ventura had shown us his catapult and there were other weapons lying around. On the wall there was a large painting of a witch (that Angel had painted) and another picture on the adjacent wall also of a witch. The place was also very unclean

Victor who we had just met in the previous village was with us witnessing this whole episode

I later found out that when one of our team was in the kitchen with Ventura he told her ‘I’m going to punch your friends lights out’ (referring to me)

At one point when I was challenging the demonic strongholds in him that were trying to disrupt the disciple making we were doing, I commanded them to be silent…and they tried to attack me, but were prevented from doing so

Later as we read the bible he was screaming on top of his voice, ‘God has never done anything for me! God has never done anything for me! I’ve prayed and everything went wrong! I’ve lost my wife!’

It took us 1 hour and 15 mins to get to a place where the atmosphere (with the 9 dogs, 10 cats, a large variety of birds- canaries, budgies, parakeets) was calm and stilled. We then had 5 minutes where we could share from Acts 2:36-39 about repenting, being baptised and filled with the Spirit. And everyone was silent and listening, and the word could be sown.


Victors House

After around 1 hr 45 at the farm, Victor said he wanted to go home to have something to and said to us, ‘Would you like to come to my flat for dinner?’

We politely accepted. So the 4 of us on the Mountain team, went with him back to his flat. He opened his fridge and freezer and said ‘Choose Whatever You Would Like to Eat’

So we chose 5 pieces of chicken (most of us had been fasting 2 days). He then took Paula to the local shop to buy more food, drink, and desserts. While they were gone, Victor shared his story of what Jesus had done for him that day and a lady who worked in the shop said she also had a bad back so they prayed for her and she was healed and invited them to go back to the shop another time when they had a bible to begin Basic Discipling

When they arrived back, Maria on the team from Senegal, started to cook us all food, and then we gathered around the kitchen table to share the Lords Supper whilst reading Acts 2:42 about how the first churches started in the homes of the new believers! We declared, ‘the Kingdom of Heaven has come, this is the seed of the church in this village!’

Just like Zacheaus, (a Person of Peace in the Bible) and also the first believers (in book of Acts), Victor continued to share with us everything he had. He brought out jewellery and clothing and bags and invited the team to share what he had and choose what they would like. He then asked us if we all wanted to stay over night- so like the Travelling Workers of the past and present around the world in unreached places and amongst unreached people groups, we accepted his offer.

At one point Lloyd (from Wales) and I went out to prayer walk the rest of the village asking God to add to this embryonic church, and Victor handed us the keys to his flat. In the morning he left for work and entrusted us to stay in his flat until we felt it was time to leave the village to head back to the base!


The MOVEMENT Continues…

The team has now been on the islands approx 2 years, (see previous post on this) and have a Vision to see 100 new churches planted across this island amongst people and places that are unreached

If you would like to get involved then contact us to find out more (WARNING: This work is not for the faint-hearted or people looking out for themselves, or who just want a holiday in the sun! It’s hard work, you would need to be prepared to endure hardship, persecution and work with boldness and courage)


Thanks to All Those who are Partnering with Us, and also Working Towards Church Planting Movements Across Europe who Prayed For Us in the Last 24 Hours through Some Hair-Raising Experiences…






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