HOUSE (How to Meet-Up to Multiply)



We call the game visualised at the top of this post; ‘MissionHouse‘ or just ‘House‘ (referring of course to ‘household’ or ‘oikos;’ this game doesn’t have to take place in a physical building we call home, but could equally take place as a Social Circle meeting in a bar, cafe, restaurant, park, workplace or so on)

Playing ‘House’ helps us practice the 3 Dimensions of Faith, Hope and Love in weekly or fortnightly rhythm as often as we meet together.

Three Floors and a Lofty Vision (or Three Thirds)
But How do we live out these 3 Core Principles in actual Practice as Communities or Families on Mission?

Every time we come together as Simple Communities (Missional Communities, Organic Churches or Discovery Groups et al) we share Vision (Kingdom Vision) represented by the multi-coloured rainbow seen in the icon above…

We might say something like this as we eat together…

We Exist To…

Along the Top Floor, as we begin our group session, we practice the ‘INdimension of LOVE towards ‘One Another‘ as we ‘Look Back‘ over the previous week and share:
(look at the house image with it’s icons and start left and flow to the right)

1. Highs and Lows
2. Turn Problems into Prayers/Possibilities and Highs into Thanks
3. Report Back

4. Bring+Share (food, resources, finance, spiritual gifts, talents, houses, land…)

We then practice the ‘UP‘ dimension of FAITH towards God in Spirit+Truth as we Discover Scripture (DBS) together and Listen to the Holy Spirit’s direction

Someone will read a passage/story of Scripture or share a prophetic message and then ask four questions

Four Questions help us as we practice our Obedience based Discipleship together as a community of practice. The Four Questions are…

1. What Does it SAY? (the passage of Scripture or hearing what the Spirit is saying through listening prayer? Members of the group then practice saying the Word in their own Words so we become Living Words)

2. What Does it MEAN? (weighing scripture and prophecy together and discussing what each person got from it)

3. What are we Going to DO? (is there a command to obey, example to follow or a promise to receive? Individually and as a Community?)

4. Who can we SHARE this with? (is there anyone else who needs to hear this story/scripture? Who else can we model a ‘group session’ like this with this week?)

Finally we practice the ‘OUT‘ dimension of HOPE towards the World as we prepare to leave the ‘House‘ (social circle) to journey along the Path

1. Live/Work/Play– Will we share with people where we Live/Work/Play (or in our Home, Work or Leisure? (write a list of all the people you know in these ‘spheres’ and discuss ideas of how you might share with them this week)

2. Go or Gather– Will you Go or Gather (meaning- will you go out to find Persons of Peace and help them to gather their people as you share scripture with them, or will you Gather people you know in your HWL). How will you Go or Gather this week and when?

3. Pray and Listen– Pray for the List of People you/community members are going to Go to or Gather this week. Listen to God for Kingdom Ideas to see the work of making and multiplying disciples and churches progress through you

4. Send to Multiply. Lay Hands on the Members of the Group/Church, pray for them and commission them to go out and make and multiply disciples, leaders and churches with the Spirit’s Power

MAWL– Next Time You Meet…MODEL The Same Practices (practices that make a habit of IN, UP and OUT Dimensions and that are repeated so that anyone can ‘catch’ it and reproduce outside the group to form a next generation group)…or ASSIST others as they do so…or WATCH others as they do so…or LEAVE them doing it…or send them out to do the same elsewhere

If you need additional help with ‘clues‘ and ‘cheats‘ in playing this game to win the prize; ‘rapid multiplication of ‘oikos’ (household) groups and churches…contact NewformsResources


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