Movements that Change the World

movements that change the world

This is a very inspiring book! Steve Addison writes in a very fluid and easy-2-read style about movements that have happened throughout history and movements that are taking place right now!

He identifies 5 key factors in the spread of movements:

1. White Hot Faith

Passion is the fuel that fires individuals God uses to ignite movements!

2. Commitment to a Cause

Purpose: A shared common commitment/shared interest motivates people to move together

3. Contagious Relationships

People: Ideas spread most rapidly from person to person and from group to group

4. Rapid Mobilization

Involved: People are put to work as soon as they enter the movement

5. Adaptive Methods

Organic: Movements utilize forms that are flexible enough to sustain and advance momentum

Have You Read This Book? What did you think?


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