Finding The Person of Peace (Game Tip 3)


You Can Help People of Peace Gather Their Oikos BEFORE they become ‘CHRISTIANS’

Yes…you did read that correctly…the potential PoP can gather a group where they Live/Work/Play having NOT ‘prayed the prayer’, having had NO church background or christian upbringing…and could also be the most notorious infamous ‘sinner’ in the area!

I had a coaching conversation with a team of christians recently where I dropped this little bomb shell…I’m not sure whether they were entirely convinced 😉

They had struggled Finding People of Peace because in their words

We’ve not seen anyone get saved yet

I said…’Most of the Persons of Peace we’ve found and helped gather groups weren’t Christians‘…

In fact…that’s not even what we are looking for necessarily!

Common Objections
1. How can they (PoP’s) gather groups to look at the Bible if they haven’t even become ‘christians?’
2. How do you prevent ‘heresy’?
3. Then there’s this often silent but deadly question going on beneath the surface…what will my church, other churches, church leaders, church friends, christians, say if they hear I’ve allowed a non-christian to lead a group?

Here are some interesting responses our trainers give….

Mind-Bending Inceptions
1. Some Persons of Peace may never become ‘christians’
2. You cannot ‘prevent heresy’…you can train everyone you meet ‘how to hear the voice of God in Spirit and in Truth’…and then hand them over to the Holy Spirit
3. You will be whipped in the synagoges, members of your own household will turn against you…if we are still trying to please people we would not be servants of Jesus. All that’s to say…’why care what others think?’…it says in Proverbs…’the fear of what people think is a trap!’

Here Comes the Blue Pill…
A Person does NOT have to be a ‘christian’ before they gather their oikos…

Look…as you know, the PoP are already ‘in’ their oikos, right?…they perhaps already gather their people…we are just helping them plant seed (Word of the Kingdom) into their household. If we don’t help them do this….who will…and how will their oikos be discipled? They are the influencer of their oikos after all…aren’t they?


How will they come to faith unless we plant the seed with them in their oikos? (faith comes from hearing the word of God)

BUT…I hear you say…

Why don’t we ‘get them saved first then get their people to come to our church?’

Well…biblically, historically and sociologically…most people come to faith in community. The Bible lays out a pattern of Household Salvation and HouseHold/Team Discipling…how many stories can you name of ‘individuals’ coming to Christ without attachment to their oikos/network? How many baptisms can you name not linked to oikos and social network immediately (baptisms within 48 hours)? This is the common phrase in the New Testament…’they and their entire household were baptised immediately’

This new forms way of thinking and acting says…if you meet someone who is open to you, hungry for spiritual things and willing to share (see last post) coach them to gather their oikos, give them seed to plant in their circle…then see the seed take root, bear fruit and multiply out of the soil of their oikos

In PLAIN ENGLISH…Let Potential PoP’s gather their Circle of influence and Share a Bible Story and Facilitate Their Group with Your Coaching input…Even Before They ‘Become Christian’ or ‘Even Though They May NEVER BECOME CHRISTIAN’

THEN…this is where the game really hots up…

Reap the whole household through a ‘Baptism Party’…in the same way the Army Officer, Business Woman and Prison Officer in The Bible and their whole households (Book of Acts) got dunked

BUT what do you mean the Person of Peace may never become a ‘Christian‘…?

What I mean is….
1. They were called many things in the Bible….’Christian’ was just one of the names outsiders called the disciples…followers of The Way was another…but insiders called themselves ‘disciples of Jesus’
2. There are many who are called ‘Christians’ but they are actually simply ‘cultural christians’ who happen to live in a ‘christian nation’ but do nothing or very little of what Jesus did and taught
3. There are many who are identified with ‘christianity’ because they do certain things:
a. Go to church
b. Attend a church service
c. Give tithes
d. Are part of a denomination
e. Or meet as a ‘house church’ of ‘christians’ for fellowship

Our new Persons of Peace….might not do ANY of these things…
Therefore…would others describe them as ‘christian’?

Hopefully they could be described as ‘disciples

BUT, wait! What will happen when we let random people (Persons of Peace) gather their own communities to hear from Jesus together, eat, pray and listen and obey Bible stories and instructions with very little ‘christian’ interference…

Errr…I’d love to find out…would you?


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Christophe Riaud April 29, 2014 at 6:31 pm

When I heard you say these things… well… my first reaction was : “hein ???” (I’m French, and we say this when we don’t get something, we are surprised, or even chocked..).

But quickly I saw how it’s so true, so biblical ! How could the gospel spread so fast in the time of the book of Acts… without facebook ? 😉 With all the barriers that we have built around us, that’s not a surprise that the Gospel is so slow to spread.

I really like people like you Peter, the ones who dare to “drop bomb shell”, because I like it too 🙂

God, help us to live as you intend to this RE-revolution


admin April 30, 2014 at 12:37 pm

Hi Christophe
I’m VERY EXCITED by meeting you!
You have the capacity and capability to spearhead with Bill and Kristie and ‘Mary’ a Multiplication Movement in France!

Particularly if you ‘translate’ the principles both linguistically and culturally into French
And use your media/online ability to help spread the word

You have quickly grasped the concepts…
So if you put them into practice will become a great trainer that can multiply other trainers

Please continue to ‘train other’ French disciples that in turn can train other disciples down to 4th Generation and beyond!


admin February 13, 2015 at 11:48 am

Hey Christophe!
How are things going with you?
Where are things at in your multiplication efforts?
Would love to hear bro…


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