Church 3.0

Neil Cole has written books on reproducing disciples (Search+Rescue), leaders (Organic Leadership), churches (Organic Church) and now, with this new book; movements (Church 3.0)

Neil is well qualified to do this, as he is perhaps, one of the few people who is actually experiencing a gospel movement of people coming to Christ from the harvest in the West.

He highlights different social groupings: 2-3, 5-7, 12, 70, 120-150, 500 and how each size functions best in unique ways. For example:

2-3 are best for radical discipleship

5-7 are good for shared leadership

12 is the family (simple/organic church)

70 is good for training

120-150 relate as a network of families (15 simple churches)

500 are good for conferences 

I have written a page on Being Church: All Shapes and Sizes that describes some of the ways we currently meet reflecting some of the observations and experiences described by Neil in his book


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