An Open Letter to the British Public: A Call to the Nation


The greatest threat to our national security at this time is not Brexit, Trump, Corbyn or May

But the sin that runs rampant from the least to the greatest.

The wanton disregard for the eternal laws of heaven,

The destructive philosophy of ‘anything goes’ or ‘do what thou wilt’

And it’s been this way now for more than 40 years

A generation in the wilderness

Who know neither our left from our right

Hard Left and Extreme Right are pitted against each other as though that were where the battle ought to be fought

The Real Battle is for the Hearts and Minds of the People of Britain

Take Heed!

We are in a National Civil War,

And we’re at a point of no return

Britain hangs in the balance!

Which side have you chosen?

Make your choice to follow the King of Heavens decrees and His directives for your lives and for our society

Or the Prince of this World; the Spirit at work in all who refuse to obey God, will continue to ravish our land…



In World War II, our Nation called for a National Day of Prayer and Fasting, the outcome of which Turned the Tide in the circumstances surrounding the Battle for Britain

Have we forgotten what it is to humble ourselves in this way?

We live in Perilous Times…

The Love of Money has caused the Hearts of Many to grow cold

It seems that we, as a people, simply live for money and pleasure.

But IF ever there was a time to seek the LORD, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, It Is Now!

It is time for us to seek the God of our forefathers.

The ultimate battle raging over our land is between the Forces of Darkness and the Armies of Light…

Britain, it’s time to Arise, Shine, For Your Light Has Come…

Take your place among the nations once more

Come out from among the shadows

Spread out your leafy boughs

Let exotic birds nest in your branches

Do not be afraid

For I am with you, says the LORD of Heavens Armies

What have you to fear

By letting the gospel roam freely among your people and across your lands?

-Written Today from Wollaton Hall in the heart of the Midlands



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