Want to Start-Up Your Own Business or Enterprise?


Maybe, like me, you have a passion to change things! Or you have ideas that you would like to get out into the world…

BUT, also, like me…you are creative, and have never really been attracted to dry-looking business plans or formal business management books and just want inspiration and know-how on how to start-up your business, project or social enterprise


IF that describes YOU, then…this BUSINESS PATH journal might just be the right path for you!


It’s no ordinary book- it’s an innovative journal that helps you to write, draw and think through your idea from discovering the mindset of an entrepreneur to actually launching your start-up business or enterprise and beginning to sell your product or service to others…



There are prompts and games within the journal that help you through 7 Steps to Start Up:

1) Picture your future Business. What’s the dream? You will need to be clear and focused about the vision. Be open to ideas and feedback from people you trust but don’t be pulled off course. It will help if you can communicate your business idea with confidence, clarity and passion.

2) Map your potential customers. Think about the profile of the kind of people your product or service is going to appeal to, and consider how your product is going to work for them them. 

3) Hit the target with your message. Make sure your marketing approach is going to reach the right people in the right places. Consider where to place adverts and other creative ways of raising awareness.

4) Turn problems into profit and create value. Don’t ignore the challenges you face. Consider ways to overcome weaknesses and the reasons people might not want to choose your product or service.

5) Find key clients. Be persistent, in searching out the right clients. Think about where you might find pockets of the right kind of people. Find the appropriate contacts if pitching to other businesses.

6) Provide an outstanding and memorable customer experience. Do everything to the best of your ability, and invest time in training all your staff to do things as you would yourself.

7) Spread the love
. Network and build contacts which may be useful. Buy someone else a copy of the Newforms Business Path Journal to help them bring their business dream to fruition too! You can compare notes with each other and share tips. 
You can BOOK ONTO Newforms Business training and events here –www.newformsbusiness.com

This Business Path Journal for the launch of new forms of business, enterprise and more, will help you and could also be a cool present for your friends, family and work colleagues…



(If you would like to book yourself onto a BusinessPath workshop or training course, contact us here for more info)


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