Start a Church in Your Home, Work or Leisure


1. Who Can Start A Church?

Matt 28:19- We are ALL called to MAKE DISCIPLES by going, baptizing them, and teaching them to OBEY

As we do this Jesus WILL build His Church

Church=A community of Jesus disciples

So we are to Make Disciples and Jesus Will build His Church

2. Where Can We Start A Church?

Three Areas We can Immediately see communities of disciples formed:



Open your home and offer hospitality. Welcome your neighbours or people in your community. Or enable christians to gather together in your home (Acts 2:42-47).



God has sent you as salt+light in your workplace. Why not gather Christians in the workplace at least once-a-week (lunch-time?) to pray together for the workplace. You could go further and see yourselves as the church-in-the-workplace. This would involve beginning to care for one another and exercising your gifts and ministries there! You may want to go even further and begin to influence the lost in your workplace!



Where do you like to hang out? What hobbies do you have? Is there a particular pub or cafe you like going to? How about making disciples there? Can a christ-centred community grow up in that environment?

3. What Do We Do As We Meet @ Home, Work or Leisure?

a. Jesus-Centred: This is what makes the community/group a church and not just a social gathering

b. Bring+Share: To summarize what a church does when it meets together, we use this phrase ‘Bring+Share’

(Acts 2:41-47, 1Cor 14:26)

Bring+Share FOOD

Bring+Share a thought, a word, a revelation, a song, some poetry, a CD, a teaching (whatever your are gifted with)

Bring+Share finances/resources/property

c. UP:IN:OUT (relationship triangle)

For a Christ-Centred Community/Emerging Church to be balanced their needs to be these 3 relationship/focuses:

UP: Relationship to God as a community (Love the Lord your God- Great Commandment).- Prayer

IN: Relationships with each other in the group (Love your neighbour as yourself-Great Commandment)- Community

OUT: Relationships to the lost/world (Go into all the World and Preach the Gospel)-Mission


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