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Simple Church Movement in Europe

A small team of people involved in Simple Church Europe ( spent 3 days together recently in Stockholm, Sweden

Sharing meta-stories from the history of the ‘simple’ (simplex) movement and our own histories and journeys within this…

The team behind the website published some research into this emerging missional, organic movement a few years back

We identified 3 types of networks emerging on the continent:

C-Networks: composed mainly of christians that have left an established (or institutional) church to meet simply, usually in homes. These groups are often more focused on simply BEING church

B-Networks: these also start with those who were already christians, but these networks want to intentionally connect with those who have no or little church background and bridge into new people groups and places…these groups often find cross-cultural or missional training very helpful (

A-Networks: start with Pioneers or apostolic/missional teams who focus from the very beginning on finding ‘people of peace’ and forming new spiritual communities that meet in homes, cafes, pubs, businesses and so on (wherever life happens)

Needless to say, through the research, we have found that the A-Networks are the most fruitful and effective in terms of multiplication

We still have a long way to go in Europe before these networks become full blown movements…

But as more B-Networks receive training and coaching (see, and as more A-Networks multiply teams of travelling workers and engage in a new level of apostolic imagination that connects with more and more tribes…we will see Kingdom Movements emerging in the 50 or so countries of the least reached Continent on the Planet…

Are you already involved in this movement?
Let’s connect…as I am an avid collector of stories and want to learn all I can from this emerging movement…

Want to know more about this decentralised movement…check out

B-Network wrestling with how to gather people who are not interested in religion or searching for people of peace…check out

A-Network forging ahead into new people groups and places…let’s connect as I continue this adventure in travelling to at least one country each month…

We have a window of opportunity in Europe…let’s work while it is still day…


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Rich March 5, 2013 at 9:49 am

Hi, Interesting article. I’ve been here in France for 2.5 years and just started a SC last October. I think our group has a little of all three categories, A, B, and C.
The absolute biggest problem is the average French person’s absolute indifference to the Gospel. They aren’t antagonistic or hostile…they just don’t care. I think it’s largely due to the severe separation of church and state. New church start-ups are viewed a little suspiciously and street evangelism is against the law.
So I was wondering if there were any other Simple/Organic/House Churches in France and are they coming up against the same obstacles.


admin March 5, 2013 at 11:34 am

Hi Rich!
Great to hear from you and a little about the work you are doing in France. I don’t know personally of simple organic missional churches in France…however there is some information of networks on the website (see

It would be great to hear more of what you are doing…maybe we could meet up when I visit France on my European Travels?


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