Newforms Episode 1: Starting Simple Churches That Multiply

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We hosted our first Newforms Episode 1 Regional Training today in Nottingham (for the East Midlands area)

We had a really good time. The training was specifically for people in the region who had already started a simple/organic church at home, work or leisure.

There were 11 of us present.

The day began at 10:30 and aimed to finish by 4:00pm.

It was great meeting others and sharing stories.

We had group discussions, time to get to know each other, bring and share food and training in church-planting principles and practices

Newforms Episode1 (Sept09) 004

The outline of the day was based around Genesis 1:28

10:30-11:00     Informal Chat over Tea and Biscuits

11:00-12:30     BLESSED:

a look at how our simple churches had started, where, why, how and what’s our vision

12:30-1:15       Bring and Share Lunch

1:15-2:15          FRUITFUL:

What are the elements needed for our churches to be healthy. What areas are we struggling in or find challenging.

2:15-2:30         Break

2:30-3:30        MULTIPLY:

What does it mean to multiply? How do we multiply? What goals have we got/how do we measure success?

3:30-4:00        Reflect and Act

Who are we going to pass on what we have learnt today? When shall we meet for Episode 2? What one thing is God speaking to you about in relation to fruitfulness?

Newforms Episode1 (Sept09) 003




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