How a Team Found a Cafe-Bar of Peace in Rome


When thinking of Rome, most might recall the ancient pillars and old cobbled streets where one can find cafe-bars with freshly squeezed orange juice, the aroma of Italian espresso, pizza, pasta and scrumptious gelato plus the sight of more than a few priests with ‘dog-collars’ and nuns in their ‘habits’ roaming the quarters…

Some may think of Apostle Paul who for two years rented his own apartment here and taught about the Kingdom of God in the midst of the Roman Empire

But this week we ventured away from the historical centre with it’s basilicas and breath-taking architectural beauty and out to the the periphery of the city in a place perhaps nobody outside of the area has ever even heard of!

Working with hosts Joe and Mary who are mobilising towards a vision of ‘A Thousand Points of Light’ in Rome, I came to learn what was already happening here towards Catalysing Movements and facilitate a Pioneer Mission Experience (MissionXP/PUSH) with the local team and a short term team from USA

We began to Pray; prayer-walking and ‘spying the land‘, asking Jesus to lead us to the specific People group/Place He had in mind for our time together

The local hosts had already narrowed down options to 3 areas out of a possible (20?) ‘communes’

The first area we went, we encountered strong spiritual direction that we were already in the right place…for example one older lady literally stopped us in the street outside of a cafe-bar and said;

This area needs to be cleaned up. This area needs help. God sees and provides’ – none of us in the team of ‘scouts‘ had ever met this lady before and there was, of course, no ‘natural reason’ for her to stop and say what she said to 4 strangers

That cafe-bar turned out to be the Place of Peace for our Luke 10 type activity during the whole week

We subsequently asked if we could host a ‘Talent Event‘ in that cafe in just 4 days time, to which the owner and his daughters responded enthusiastically saying they would spread the word on their social media and to their connections

Meanwhile, a team had arrived from America and we began ‘orienting’ them into their new experience and field where none spoke the ‘native language’

The local team began to design fliers using the DREAM Event type approach we’ve found effective in other areas of this kind, and then for 3 days together we spent time in this community known as ‘Broken Tower‘ engaging with people and inviting them to the cafe for the event

On the night of the event about 50-70 people filtered in and out during a period of around 3-4 hours

The team played music, welcomed locals to an ‘open mic’ and shared their simple stories of what Jesus had done in their life

Whilst that was going on there was activities for kids, a free buffet and a ‘Spiritual Words’ table

As a result of all this…4 people received ‘spiritual words’ that were pertinent to their lives, one lady received prayer through ‘laying hands‘ after a ‘word of knowledge‘ concerning neck pain was given over the microphone, many were affected by the stories they heard and the gospel was ‘preached to the poor’

There were around 10 people from that area who now want to either join the local team, know more about Jesus and/or meet up as a simple community to ‘bring and share’ stories, food and spiritual conversation.

The owner of the cafe was thrilled and many stated they want something like this either monthly or weekly in that area

Was this week ‘easy‘? Certainly not- conflicts within and uncertainty and tensions without (as usual- we endure many hardships to enter the Kingdom and Jesus promised persecution as a result of this kind of work). But it was certainly ‘simple‘ and ‘rapid‘ with the main action occurring in that place within 7 days!

It’s now left to the local team to disciple these new explorers into a Jesus-centred community that bears fruit and multiplies

Please continue to pray for Rome and also the work of Catalysing Kingdom Movements that Multiply in Europe in our generation



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