Finding The Person of Peace (Game Tip 4)


Most of us come across many people through the course of our Daily Life. How can we assess wether the people we meet are Persons of Peace?

Others of us take a more Pioneer Mission approach and regularly and intentionally Search for Persons of Peace as directed by Jesus in Matthew 10:11 and Luke 10:1-12…but of all the strangers we meet…how do we know whether the person we are engaging with is a Person of Peace (PoP) or not?

To help us to Discover whether someone is a Potential Person of Peace…We like to play a game called ‘Traffic Lights
This game can help us to assess whether people are RED, YELLOW or GREEN

Starting with the Red Light…When we meet people we like to Share The Gospel (Good News of the Kingdom) as Jesus instructed his disciples to do so. One approach involves Sharing Simple Stories

Listening to their Story
Everyone has a story to share. Most people love to talk about themselves 😉
Why not ask the people you meet to share a little about themselves?

Sharing our Story
What story can you share of an experience you have had with Jesus? Maybe something that correlates with the stories you’ve just heard the potential PoP share about their life? Or some experience you’ve had in the last couple of weeks…

One simple way of Sharing your Story is to focus on the story of How You Became a Follower of Jesus;

Before Jesus– what your life was like before you met him.
Meeting Jesus– how you met him and what happened.
Since Jesus– what your journey with Jesus has been like since
(learning to share your story without using ‘religious’ jargon or ‘christianese’ and without waffle is a game in itself)

Sharing God’s Story
There are many ways of Sharing God’s story…among them are ways of presenting God’s story that are fairly easy to remember like;

Creation2Christ (C2C)
Left-Hand Gospel (LHG)
Oral Story Telling
…(using the Bible to tell it’s own story…)

Those who take a more urgent approach may look for some response from people immediately after Sharing God’s Story…namely; asking the person if they would like to know Jesus for themselves there and then…

Some people may respond by saying;
‘I’m Not Interested’
Others may even get annoyed or angry

That person is showing themselves to be a ‘Red Light’. That isn’t to say they might not become a ‘Yellow’ or even ‘Green Light’ in the future. Just not right now…

Don’t try to go through a Red Light…
Respect the Law- you can’t force someone to accept or receive something or someone they don’t want to…

Many Pioneers stop there…camping around this Red Light approach with people. They are expecting people to ‘sign on the dotted line’ there and then (even though the person they are engaging with may only be hearing about Jesus for the first time in their life)

When confronting people with the gospel (as confrontation is an approach that many take), they expect a ‘yes or no‘ answer immediately…and when people repeatedly say ‘No’…they deem that the ‘harvest is not ripe‘- ‘no one is interested‘…and can become discouraged that there are no Persons of Peace…

A ‘Yellow Light‘ is a Potential Person of Peace who you’ve had some sort of Spiritual Conversation (Share Stories) with and perhaps when Listening to Their Story you have heard them express a personal need they might want prayer for (Turning Problems into Prayer)

After this you’ve asked them if they are Interested in Finding Out More…and they say yes

They haven’t fallen on their face and said ‘Show Me What I Need To Do To Be Saved’…

But they haven’t ‘Closed Their Door’ so to speak

So How Do You Spot ‘Yellow Lights?’ (people who are not saying immediately a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ to Following Jesus)

By Listening and Asking Questions…

Here are 4 QUESTIONS you could ask people (see this post for more). Since we started Listening and Asking Questions like these…we found many people who were willing to gather their social circle to explore more together…

Most of the People of Peace we have found came through this ‘Yellow Light’ approach

A ‘Green Light‘ is someone who having experienced some form of Prayer, Power (healing, freedom, transformation) or Spiritual Conversation (Preach) immediately want to begin to follow Jesus and gather their community to hear from Him together

With this person you can baptise them and their household immediately as the early disciples of Jesus did…

Have You Found a Person of Peace recently? Would you like to share what happened?




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