Advent, Vent, Re:Invent

Reflecting on 2016?

It’s that time of year again to reflect…
We always take extra time during December each year to reflect on the year. 
For me that includes going through all my journals of the past year and summarising the main thoughts, ideas, actions, prayers, prophetic insights and evaluating the actions I have taken alone and together with others…
All this is done in a prayerful way, with a sense of thankfulness as well as in some cases a sense of mourning…
This is a process I do alone (going through my journals in a cafe), then together with my wife Marsha (in our morning prayers), then with team members locally (in our ‘hub’ reviews and leaders gatherings), nationally (meeting with team members and network leaders) and internationally (through Skype calls and social media)…
Through this reflection process I look for patterns (in terms of repeated ideas, phrases, prophetic words and activities that have produced fruit as well as those that haven’t), what has been fruitful in terms of activity and relationships.
We begin to evaluate what we should stop doing (RED), what we should continue doing (YELLOW) and what we should start doing (GREEN)
[this works best when each person takes responsibility for reflecting with God personally, together with their partners and together with their teams and disciples and communities and then weighing together]
This begins to inform the basis of our collective FOCUS in the year ahead (2017…)
The rest of December is then spent discerning the will of God for our investment in the New Year…
January is spent in a deeper investment of prayer and fasting and planning with Jesus and with others for the year ahead…
Not all things happen according to the plan we have at the start of each year or work out in the way we thought it might…
But from doing this kind of process for approximately 15 years I wouldn’t change this practice for the world!
Fail to plan…and we plan to fail

Fail to act on a plan…and it’s all a daydream
Aim for the stars together and we may just reach the sky…

Advent, for me that currently means an active ‘waiting’ with open hands to receive the gift of God

Waiting for Christ’s gift to me at this time [advent is a time expectant waiting and preparation]

Advent; time to vent and then to re:invent

What are you waiting for? [advent]

What do you need to vent? [vent: express your feelings with people who care…a release of pent-up feelings or opinions as in ‘sorry to go on like that but I just had to vent‘]

What do you need to re:invent? [change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new]

[for a ‘broaders’ socio-political perhaps prophetic reflection on 2016 so far…check out this Blog Post]


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