PATH (How to Spread Gospel into New People/Places)



At Newforms we like to Play Games That Change The World…one of the first games we developed is MissionPath; A Pioneer Game for Missional Adventurers…based on the ‘gaming’ instructions Jesus gave to his early disciples…first 12, then a further 72 in First Century Palestine…

Jesus grouped his disciples into Teams of 2’s (making a total of 42 teams)
Each team were assigned a ‘circuit’ of some of the towns and villages Jesus was ‘about to go to’ (Matt 10/Luke 10/Luke 6:1-19/Luke 9:1-6/Mark 3:13-19)

He gave them Permission and Power, pressed the launch button by commanding them to ‘GO!’…

And off they went moving swiftly in 2’s…without money, contacts, resources or much experience…trusting that Jesus’ Kingdom Gaming Instructions would enable them to win the prize…that of;

Entering Households of Peace‘ and planting ‘Seed of the Kingdom’

Sound like a Fun Game?

We decided to ‘Play this Game‘ in the 21st Century and discovered that Jesus’ Instructions of Luke 10/Matt 10 could be grouped under Seven Steps (or Zones along a Path)

1. Pray (Violet)
2. People/Places (Blue)
3. Preach (Red)
4. Power (Orange)
5. Person of Peace (Yellow)
6. Plant (Green)
7. Persecution (Indigo)

These Steps along the PioneerPath can help us find Persons and Households (oikos) of Peace and Sow the Seed of the Kingdom resulting in Disciple and Church Multiplication Movements (Kingdom Movements)

Each ‘Step’ contains a set of Missional Practices based on scripture and appropriate and proven in our postmodern, postchristendom, post-charismatic and evangelical European culture

Ever since we started playing this game, first in Nottingham, England, then throughout the East Midlands region, then the nation of Britain…and now increasingly across the 50+ Countries of Europe

Many others are forcefully advancing in this Kingdom game…whilst others are just beginning their Training for the Games

We outline this PioneerPath in our book: ‘Pioneer Mission: The Travel Guide For Missional Adventurers…

So let’s check the Scoreboard…

What’s your score?

How many Persons and Households (social circles) of Peace have you and/or your team found in the past month? quarter? year?

What Level Persecution are you on?

Is the Seed you Planted Multiplying Rapidly down to First, Second, Third, Fourth Generation of New Groups and Emerging Churches and Beyond?

Maybe you’ve not started Playing the Game yet or need starter, intermediate or advanced training…get in touch with NewformsResources or join a TrainingBase

Perhaps you’ve been playing this game for a while but are stuck on the same level and not getting any further (maybe you’re connecting with people groups and places, but not ‘preaching’ the gospel seed, or you are doing that, but not finding Persons of Peace or making disciples…or perhaps you’ve now planted a seed in a gathered circle/oikos/group of people but they’re not reproducing to 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation)

If you are experiencing these ‘stuckages‘ and not able to defeat the ‘end of level’ baddies...we’ve set up CoachingCircles just for you, to help you identify and overcome these barriers and move on to the next level

Let The Games Begin…



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